LACMA: Rain Room


The Rain Room is the most coveted ticket in Los Angeles right now.  Being sold out for months, Amber B and me befriended an adorable rockabilly working at the ticket counter and pulled off the ultimate last min ticket grab. We got high fives from LACMA staffers as we squeezed in just before closing time.

We walked towards the bright spotlight in an otherwise dark room, there were a few people already “immersed in the experience” and the only thing separating us from them was 317 gallons of water.  Amber B and me stood there on the perimeter shaking with excitement, we nodded at each other and stepped in.

I don’t know HOW the sensors work.  If you wave your hands in front of you while you walk, you create a little buffer between you and the wall of water.  I chose hands free, with my face as close as possible to the falling water.   At one point Amber B dropped to her knee to take a photo and the water triggered on, soaking her in a millisecond.

When I turned to Amber B, her eyes were bright with joy as she squeezed water our of her pink hair, we hugged like little kids do in the rain, and giggled as they threw us out at closing time.


Rain Room Through April 24, 2016

Reservation Only


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