Opening Night


Photo by Edward Colver

“Do it or don’t. It’s amazing how many things in life are that easy”
-Henry Rollins

For years, I have been saying “I should do…”, “I wish I could do…”, My friends have been supportive, “You should do”, “You totally could do…”. I have been admiring other people doing, wondering if I could ever muster up the courage to just do it for myself. I can talk myself out of just about anything, and that isn’t something to brag about. But this year I have found a new strength through a group of incredibly talented girls. In less than a month I had 3 “Do It” conversations with 3 totally different girlfriends. Somewhere between a pink sunset and the sound of baby goats on Chari’s farm , bottomless lemon drop martinis in Palm Springs with Van, and a grueling workout with Courtney, I came to the conclusion that WE could do.

Allow me to introduce you to my band. There is me and Amber B, Chari, Courtney, Kelly, Kristine and Van. We are a rag tag group of hard working Orange County girls with backpacks of talent. If you want to be styled, shot, taught, entertained, fed or wed you probably should subscribe to this blog.

The photo for this post is one of my favorite photos by punk rock photographer Edward Colver. This photo is of a young Henry Rollins flying into the crowd at his very first Black Flag show in an Orange County club called the Cuckoos Nest. It seems apropos for today. This website is live. This band is on stage. This is my song. I’m leaping into the crowd and I hope there are a few people out there reading this, wanting this, who will catch me before I hit the floor. And hopefully you aren’t the kid not looking up, because I’m wearing my steel toes today.

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