Courtney D’Alessandro
The Band Manager

With a band of creative independent Banshees, Courtney has her work cut out for her.

With 10 years of marketing and advertising experience Courtney’s no nonsense project manager skills help keep the Banshees moving forward. If Guns and Roses had Courtney as a manager they would still be around.

This Banshee isn’t all about business, her adventurous spirit keeps her in transit around the world and sitting at tables in world renowned restaurants. Her take no prisoners competitive spirit is essential for keeping the Banshees in line as well as the head of the pack in workouts, marathons and bake offs. Don’t let her slender shape fool you, around here we call her Cupcake Courtney, and if you get between her and a gourmet sweet, well, I’m sure you will recover….eventually.

insta: blondboarder32

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