CinemAttack: Wheel of Anderson

Mark your calendars for Friday Jan 16 Cussers!!  Band of Banshees and Toddland are putting their “spin” on CinemAttack’s Wheel of Anderson at The Frida Cinema. CinemAttack hosts exceptional movie events everymonth for all you film nerds and we couldn’t be more excited when they asked us to help style and host the pre-show costume contest for their Wes Anderson night.



For all of you who missed our first Wes Anderson party, here are some of our fave insta posts at #wesandersonclustercuss.



This night is going to be super fun.   CinemAttack’s creative crew made up a 4 foot wide spinning wheel with 8 iconic WesAnderson films,  the wheel will be spun 10 min before the curtian goes up and where it stops nobody knows!  Check out the trailer, and get cracking on that costume!

Costumes are not mandatory, but Band of Banshees and Toddland are handmaking most of the prizes, and who doesn’t want to win a copy of Dudly’s World?

Check out the Wheel of Anderson Trailer

Doors open at 8:45PM

Costume Contest starts at 9:30PM Audience participation voting, even if you don’t dress up you still get to screem like a Banshee for your favorite costumes.

Wheel Spins at 9:50PM  Mystery Movie starts at 10PM

Get your tickets here!

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