Warm and Fuzzy Factory


Remember sitting around with your girlfriends making friendship bracelets and key chains and macaroni necklaces when you were a kid? That’s kinda how our Pom Pom Workshop felt like, well except with whisky sours and R-rated jokes.




Pom Poms are not the most sophisicated decoration in the world, but there is something joyful about the simplicity of a puff of yarn.  Not only a fun alternative to x-mas tree decoration, but by the end of the day we tied up hair accessories and corsages.  Balking from the word “work” in “workshop” we named this our Warm and Fuzzy Factory, and honestly that is how the day turned out.  I know how lucky we are to have 73 degree weather in December.  Fresh air and rad chicks combined with yummy snacks, booze, and yarn? Yes Please!



Please admire this spread by Van, styled by Chari, and try not to beat yourself up to much about not being there.  Not pictured, whisky sours, adult eggnog, and champs.   Hee hee.




It’s not rocket science, but a really fun easy way to change up your decor for the holidays.  A couple of disks, some yarn, a small pair of scissors and a bottomless whisky sour is all it takes for you to be the envy of all of your friends…or the leader of your own pom pom party, wink wink.


This holiday season there is so much to be thankful for, I am most grateful for the ladies in my life, from my Grandmas to my nieces it should go without saying, my heart swells for my little Band of Banshees.

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