The Nudes


Long before I was born, my grandmother was a painter.  The inside of our ranch house looked more like a museum than a homestead in the Arizona desert, the walls were covered in her paintings from her life as an impressionist in the Pacific Palisades in the 1950s-60s.

As the wife of a cattle rancher she was a paradox.   She cooked gourmet meals, she made her own clothes, she loved her dogs, she was elegant, always proper and a bit of a recluse.  And though I was in my 30’s when she passed away, I had never seen her paint.


A few years ago, I was cleaning out a storage area with my Dad and saw a stack of frames in a back corner.   “What is that?” I asked.  “Those are your grandmothers, they stay here.”  My dad is a man of few words, and when he says something he means it, so case closed.   Once a year, in conversation, I would ask about the stack of paintings and he usually growled a “no”.  But this year, he said, “ah well, I guess we could take a look at them, but I think the only thing thats back there are the nudes”.  If I wasn’t sitting down for that conversation I would have stumbled.  After hanging up, I held my hands together tightly in front of my face and smiled, thanking the universe for my good fortune.

FullSizeRender-3Nudity can be tough, it’s difficult to be realisitc about the human form in todays photoshopped world.  Nudity, sensuality and sexuality and vulgarity are often confused, but not here, in these paintings.  For me, having these nudes is a mark of self acceptance, a connection with my bloodline.  When I look at these paintings, I see my grandmother in black and white, wearing flat canvas shoes and a painting smock.  I see her eyes close and her teeth glow when she throws back her head and laughs.

This isn’t the same woman I grew up with, but this is the one I remember now.  Once upon a time, long before I was born, my grandmother was an artist, and an adventurer.  The nudes have told me so.









Sometimes it’s nice to go to a party that you didn’t throw.  Especially when it is to celebrate true love between a classic beauty and an adventurous beast.  By candelight there was laughter and tears of joy.  As the moon rose, the champagne flowed and the new family mixed with old friends.  We reveled in love and happiness as we bore witness to true love.


CinemAttack: Wheel of Anderson

Mark your calendars for Friday Jan 16 Cussers!!  Band of Banshees and Toddland are putting their “spin” on CinemAttack’s Wheel of Anderson at The Frida Cinema. CinemAttack hosts exceptional movie events everymonth for all you film nerds and we couldn’t be more excited when they asked us to help style and host the pre-show costume contest for their Wes Anderson night.



For all of you who missed our first Wes Anderson party, here are some of our fave insta posts at #wesandersonclustercuss.



This night is going to be super fun.   CinemAttack’s creative crew made up a 4 foot wide spinning wheel with 8 iconic WesAnderson films,  the wheel will be spun 10 min before the curtian goes up and where it stops nobody knows!  Check out the trailer, and get cracking on that costume!

Costumes are not mandatory, but Band of Banshees and Toddland are handmaking most of the prizes, and who doesn’t want to win a copy of Dudly’s World?

Check out the Wheel of Anderson Trailer

Doors open at 8:45PM

Costume Contest starts at 9:30PM Audience participation voting, even if you don’t dress up you still get to screem like a Banshee for your favorite costumes.

Wheel Spins at 9:50PM  Mystery Movie starts at 10PM

Get your tickets here!

Board Meeting Banshee Style

This is Chari’s farm in Temecula.  3 of us Banshees grew up on farms around the world, and as soon as we had time to get away for the night we hightailed it out of the OC for a night of plotting and scheming…..and a little drinkin’.  Nothing kicks you out of the city gear faster than scratching the chinny chin chin of a billygoat, listening to the grumbles of the pigs, and watching the turkey puff up and strut his stuff.


My 2nd favorite sound at the farm is when someone says, “let’s take a ride in the buggy”.  Just like when I was a kid, we jump in the buggy and go exploring.  Amber B, with camera in tow, Chari toting a hatchet and me, holding the beers.  (which is a lot more work than it sounds, we are off roading after all).  We drove around the property, location scouting, picking up fresh desert sage along the way. Planning out the next year of farm fun.  “This would be the perfect place for X, and then down there is the perfect place for Y and then up there….that’s where we will do Z.”



For Chari and her man Craig, the farm is currently being groomed to be a wedding venue. For the Banshees, we have different plans for this 20 acre pistachio farm.  Stay tuned for Whisky and Wine pairings under the stars,  Howl at the Moon camp outs, Honky Tonks, and the best damn homage to Anthony Bourdain this side of the Mississippi.



The real planning happens around the fire, after the dishes have been put away.  With a glass of whisky or wine, we stand around taking turns stoking the fire and playing off of each others ideas, usually my ideas entail more work for Craig, but he is confident in his abilities and the outcome will be fantastic.  Amber B and her camera get distracted by the starlight and she wanders around with the farm pup at her heels. As the moon started to set, our bellies were full and the bottles were empty, we stumbled into bed and dream of fancy parties and barnyard bashes.


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