LACMA: Rain Room


The Rain Room is the most coveted ticket in Los Angeles right now.  Being sold out for months, Amber B and me befriended an adorable rockabilly working at the ticket counter and pulled off the ultimate last min ticket grab. We got high fives from LACMA staffers as we squeezed in just before closing time.

We walked towards the bright spotlight in an otherwise dark room, there were a few people already “immersed in the experience” and the only thing separating us from them was 317 gallons of water.  Amber B and me stood there on the perimeter shaking with excitement, we nodded at each other and stepped in.

I don’t know HOW the sensors work.  If you wave your hands in front of you while you walk, you create a little buffer between you and the wall of water.  I chose hands free, with my face as close as possible to the falling water.   At one point Amber B dropped to her knee to take a photo and the water triggered on, soaking her in a millisecond.

When I turned to Amber B, her eyes were bright with joy as she squeezed water our of her pink hair, we hugged like little kids do in the rain, and giggled as they threw us out at closing time.


Rain Room Through April 24, 2016

Reservation Only



The Nudes


Long before I was born, my grandmother was a painter.  The inside of our ranch house looked more like a museum than a homestead in the Arizona desert, the walls were covered in her paintings from her life as an impressionist in the Pacific Palisades in the 1950s-60s.

As the wife of a cattle rancher she was a paradox.   She cooked gourmet meals, she made her own clothes, she loved her dogs, she was elegant, always proper and a bit of a recluse.  And though I was in my 30’s when she passed away, I had never seen her paint.


A few years ago, I was cleaning out a storage area with my Dad and saw a stack of frames in a back corner.   “What is that?” I asked.  “Those are your grandmothers, they stay here.”  My dad is a man of few words, and when he says something he means it, so case closed.   Once a year, in conversation, I would ask about the stack of paintings and he usually growled a “no”.  But this year, he said, “ah well, I guess we could take a look at them, but I think the only thing thats back there are the nudes”.  If I wasn’t sitting down for that conversation I would have stumbled.  After hanging up, I held my hands together tightly in front of my face and smiled, thanking the universe for my good fortune.

FullSizeRender-3Nudity can be tough, it’s difficult to be realisitc about the human form in todays photoshopped world.  Nudity, sensuality and sexuality and vulgarity are often confused, but not here, in these paintings.  For me, having these nudes is a mark of self acceptance, a connection with my bloodline.  When I look at these paintings, I see my grandmother in black and white, wearing flat canvas shoes and a painting smock.  I see her eyes close and her teeth glow when she throws back her head and laughs.

This isn’t the same woman I grew up with, but this is the one I remember now.  Once upon a time, long before I was born, my grandmother was an artist, and an adventurer.  The nudes have told me so.







Sexo y Violencia


El Chocolate busts a sweet move over Dirty Sanchez (photo from @luchavavoom insta)

Valentines Day, a day of love professions, flowers, chocolate, lingere, “surprise” engagements, packed restaurants, overpriced hotels, cheesy cards, high fructose corn syrup, cheap stuffed animals, stress, disappointment, tears, scorn and sometimes fire.
Don’t get me wrong, I love love, but forced occasions I can do without.  Valentines day is one of the biggest offenders in my book.  I’m not the only one who feels this way, every year around Feb 14th an epic show comes to the Myan Theater in DTLA for 2 awesome nights.  The pretty ladies put on their feathers and their fishnets, the men put on their sequined tights and luchador masks and for about 3 hours they put on a show you can’t help but LOVE.

Los Gallos cock ring

Lucha Va Voom is a celebration of cultural diversity, physically demanding acrobatics, raunchy humor, high impact wrestling, grandiose costumes, strip teases, and audience participation.  Each night The Myan is packed with people that don’t think Valentines day belongs just in a pretty little pink box, some of us think it’s ok to mix in a little sexo y violencia and most of all laughter.
Being able to laugh with someone truly is a sign of love.  Whether you find yourself with your lover or with your girlfriends this weekend; remember to laugh, laugh at the ridiculous of the life you are living.  Laugh with each other sometimes even at each other, because we are only human and this is all we’ve got.  If you are having a hard time, getting to that happy place….stick a feather in it and jump on the couch and scream LUCHA VA VOOM!

Fancy no pantsies (photo cred @izalavamp insta of @metalzipper)

LACMA: Samurai


The Samurai exhibit at LACMA is so impressive it envokes a physical reaction upon entrance.  Amber B, immediatly had goosebumps, and I burst into my “happy dance”.   All forms of armor are meant to give friends and enemies a sense of awe.    This stunning private collection is nothing short of awesome.

Photo by Amber B

Japanese craftmanship is a testament that humans can create perfection.  The amount of precise detail from the horse costumes to the intricate helmets is unequivocal to any armor exhibit I have ever seen.  (And yes, as a matter of fact, I have seen a fair amount of historical museum quality armor, but that is a story for another day).

Photo Cred: Amber B

The legacy of the Samuri dates back to the 14th century, and the condition of these pieces are immaculate. The tale of these elaborate helmets is to distinguish the Samuri as an individual.  As an idvidual, the Samuri is more terrifying than a uniformed soldier.   Battle fields were filled with smoke to make it hard to see, through smoke these unique helmets with eyes and ears and horns would emerge striking terrror in the opponents.  It was hard not to think how beautiful these battles must have been……. right before the stabbing,  clubbing, bleeding and dying part.

I loved this exhibition, and it’s commitment to the essence of Japanese culture,  beauty, perfection, honor and tradition. Beautiful collection and stunning curation.

Free for LACMA members, $25 for non members.  (don’t forget LACMA is closed on Wednesdays)

SAMURAI: Japanese Armor from the Ann and Gabriel Barbier-Mueller Collection.




Opening Night


Photo by Edward Colver

“Do it or don’t. It’s amazing how many things in life are that easy”
-Henry Rollins

For years, I have been saying “I should do…”, “I wish I could do…”, My friends have been supportive, “You should do”, “You totally could do…”. I have been admiring other people doing, wondering if I could ever muster up the courage to just do it for myself. I can talk myself out of just about anything, and that isn’t something to brag about. But this year I have found a new strength through a group of incredibly talented girls. In less than a month I had 3 “Do It” conversations with 3 totally different girlfriends. Somewhere between a pink sunset and the sound of baby goats on Chari’s farm , bottomless lemon drop martinis in Palm Springs with Van, and a grueling workout with Courtney, I came to the conclusion that WE could do.

Allow me to introduce you to my band. There is me and Amber B, Chari, Courtney, Kelly, Kristine and Van. We are a rag tag group of hard working Orange County girls with backpacks of talent. If you want to be styled, shot, taught, entertained, fed or wed you probably should subscribe to this blog.

The photo for this post is one of my favorite photos by punk rock photographer Edward Colver. This photo is of a young Henry Rollins flying into the crowd at his very first Black Flag show in an Orange County club called the Cuckoos Nest. It seems apropos for today. This website is live. This band is on stage. This is my song. I’m leaping into the crowd and I hope there are a few people out there reading this, wanting this, who will catch me before I hit the floor. And hopefully you aren’t the kid not looking up, because I’m wearing my steel toes today.

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