Calçotada: A Gastronomical Event


Do you ever ask yourself why you love food so much?  Do you remember how you went from being a food lover to a foodie?   I used to love fun dip, and corn dogs.  Now I geek out over fresh octopus, heriloom vegetables and aged balsamic.  This transformation isn’t really a coming of age.  One doesn’t just wake up and say, I think I will spend $90 on dinner tonight.  No, like everything else in western culture, we find things we like through peer pressure, and no one is more convincing that  something like blood sausage is the greatest gift to your gullet like Anthony Bourdain.

No Reservations Season 4, Episode 11 first aired Aug 2008.  Bourdain goes to Spain.  He eats $100 anchovies, melts chocolate eggs in the sun and introduces the world to the Calçot.  A Spanish green onion, pulled from the ground, roasted on grape vines, wrapped in newspaper and left to steam for hours.  In the meantime, guests pour wine into thier mouths, eat cheese, make fresh romesco and wait for the glorius green onion to acheive the perfect consitancy to eat in one fell swoop.

Saturday April 25th, my culinary dreams are becoming a reality.  These Calçots, in the hands of the chefs from R3Izakaya, Cody Requejo and Alex Ruperto, will be roasted in batches in the traditional style, we will also be cellebrating a few of our other Spanish favorite dishes including spanish cheeses, two types of paella, and a sophisticated fin, pan de chocolate.

We are so lucky to be able to host events like these.  Whether you consider yourself a food lover or a foodie, we present to you an event of gastronomical proportions.  (Mr Bourdain not included).

Saturday April 25th 6PM

420 Portland Circle Huntington Beach CA 92648

$40 per/person (cash only) wine and sangria included

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  1. Jackie April 16, 2015 at 11:44 AM #

    This just made me drool. I can’t wait. I’m so hungry.

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