Board Meeting Banshee Style

This is Chari’s farm in Temecula.  3 of us Banshees grew up on farms around the world, and as soon as we had time to get away for the night we hightailed it out of the OC for a night of plotting and scheming…..and a little drinkin’.  Nothing kicks you out of the city gear faster than scratching the chinny chin chin of a billygoat, listening to the grumbles of the pigs, and watching the turkey puff up and strut his stuff.


My 2nd favorite sound at the farm is when someone says, “let’s take a ride in the buggy”.  Just like when I was a kid, we jump in the buggy and go exploring.  Amber B, with camera in tow, Chari toting a hatchet and me, holding the beers.  (which is a lot more work than it sounds, we are off roading after all).  We drove around the property, location scouting, picking up fresh desert sage along the way. Planning out the next year of farm fun.  “This would be the perfect place for X, and then down there is the perfect place for Y and then up there….that’s where we will do Z.”



For Chari and her man Craig, the farm is currently being groomed to be a wedding venue. For the Banshees, we have different plans for this 20 acre pistachio farm.  Stay tuned for Whisky and Wine pairings under the stars,  Howl at the Moon camp outs, Honky Tonks, and the best damn homage to Anthony Bourdain this side of the Mississippi.



The real planning happens around the fire, after the dishes have been put away.  With a glass of whisky or wine, we stand around taking turns stoking the fire and playing off of each others ideas, usually my ideas entail more work for Craig, but he is confident in his abilities and the outcome will be fantastic.  Amber B and her camera get distracted by the starlight and she wanders around with the farm pup at her heels. As the moon started to set, our bellies were full and the bottles were empty, we stumbled into bed and dream of fancy parties and barnyard bashes.


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