The Band

Allow me to introduce you to my band. There is me and Amber B, Chari, Courtney, Kelly, Kristine and Van. We are a rag tag group of hard working Orange County girls with backpacks of talent. If you want to be styled, shot, taught, entertained, fed or wed you probably should subscribe to this blog.

Between the 7 of us, we have 2 graphic designers, 1 photographer, 2 writers, 5 stylists, 3 event planners, 1 location scout, 2 florists, 2 interior designers, 4 DIY geniuses, 2 chefs, 1 baker, 1 bartender, 1 stop motion animator, 2 1/2 seamstresses, 2 venues, 6 foodies and 7 adventurers.

In addition to workshops, Banshees are also for hire. Email us and let us know what kind of project you are working on, anything from a master bedroom refresh to grand ballroom overhaul or hosting a tasting menu, to an unforgettable adult birthday bash. We will assess your needs and budget and assign the right Banshee(s) to you. No budget too big, no problem too small.

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