Amber Wierenga
The Frontman

“All I want to do is write and throw parties” -Amber Wierenga

The front woman of this band, Amber, sings the praise of the talents of the band members. She brought these banshees together to live out her own fantasy as powerblogger and party thrower. Not a professional writer in any sense, published works are few and far between, but a powerful thank you note scribe and motivational wordsmith. Her artistry lies in recognizing the genius of others, this Band of Banshees being her greatest collaboration to date. A curator of fantastic events ranging from house parties to fundraisers and weddings to skate contests. Regardless of the the theme or budget, Amber’s attention to detail and over the top enthusiasm is infectious to her co-hosts and guests.

Ambers passion for hostessing and design are not limited only to parties, but to a little vacation house in Huntington Beach, CA that she remodeled in 2013 which is now a getaway for stylish travelers on AirBnB.

Outside of writing and hostessing, you can find her hiking, riding beach cruisers, or strolling through museums and cemeteries around the world. As a formidable cook and social boozehound, Amber is also a staunch supporter of local farmers, chefs and mixologists.

Always a cheerleader for strong female leaders, Amber’s list of role models include but is not limited to the following leading ladies: Rosalind Russell, Parker Posey, Amy Poehler, Tina Fey, Ronda Rousey, Gloria Steinem, Rosa Parks, Jennifer Lawson, Gwen Stefani, Joan Jet, Georgia O’Keefe, Frida Khalo, Diana Vreeland, Grace Coddington, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Annie Oakley, Maya Angelou, Serena Williams, Debbie Harry, Dolly Parton, Carol Burnet, Siouxie Sioux, Amber B Dianda, Chari Bird, Courtney D’Alessandro, Kelly Hickenbottom, Kristine Casillas and Van Requejo.

insta: amberwierenga

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